Example Critique Group Guidelines

1. Have fun!

2. No flaming. We ask that politics and religion not be discussed unless they pertain directly to the piece you are working on.

3. Criticism should be intended to help the writer/illustrator. The best way to critique work is to point out the good aspects of the piece first and then to make suggestions as to what could make it better or what doesn't work and why. Be kind, but honest.

4. Accept criticism with grace.

5. Share what you can when you can, but please don't post something every day for the group to critique. Emergency crits are ok, but too many pieces at once can be overwhelming to the group. Please do your share and critique others as often as you ask for critiques.

6. Please post to appropriate threads. Post work for critique on the Critiques thread, with the title of the piece as the subject heading. This is a busy group and it can be hard to find comments if they're posted in random places.

7. The moderators reserve the right to silence or ban members who abuse the list or the other members on or off list. We want this to be a comfortable, safe place for everyone to share their work without fear. Please be courteous to each other.

8. Since this is a closed, unlisted group, posting your work here does not constitute publication. Copyright of all posted work belongs to the author/illustrator. Posted work may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the author/illustrator.