A Checklist for Picture Book Critiques


  • Is every word necessary?
  • Does it read well out loud?
  • Is there descriptive text that is redundant with the images?
  • Are the language and subject matter appropriate for the chosen age bracket?


  • Is the drawing strong and consistent with the chosen style?
  • Are the illustrations showing the most important or interesting part of the story?
  • Do color and page layout enhance the mood of the story?
  • Is the composition strong?
  • Is the movement to the right?
  • Are important elements away from the gutter?
  • Are characters drawn consistently?

Story and Art

  • Do the images and words compliment each other?
  • Does the story move forward with every page?
  • Are the characters interesting?
  • Are the rules of grammar and drawing correct and consistent? (exceptions for intentional style)
  • Do all aspects of the book feel as if they come from the same world?