Flying Over the Ice
   What the Year Will Bring
   Little Yella Riding Hood
   Baker's Dozen
   Smile at the Judges
   Axe Upon Axe
   Olives in Tuscany
   Pajama Pants or
 Sweat Pants?

By Joy Nelkin Wieder


Dark nights and star shine,
Days quickly fading,
Fires ablaze.

Snowballs and bobsleds,
Icicles hanging,
Winter flurries.

Gray clouds bring rain drops,
Buds bursting open,
Flowers in bloom.

The smell of damp earth,
Umbrellas twirling,
Springtime showers.


Hot days for swimming,
Lingering daylight,
Fireflies glow.

Family vacation,
Building sandcastles,
Summer sunshine.


Backpacks and lunch bags,
Bright yellow buses,
School bells a-ring.

Jackets for crisp winds, 
Jumping in leaf piles,
Autumn colors

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