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The Tale of Cinderyella
A joint project by the writer/illustrators of


Lauren Francis Joy Nelkin Wieder Abigail Marble Abigail Marble Agy Wilson Susan Boase Lauren Francis Agy Wilson Sarah S. Brannen Joy Nelkin Wieder Sarah S. Brannen Susan Boase Larry Eisenstein

“All we need now is transportation!” proclaimed the scatter-brained Susan. She gathered together one large pumpkin and several of Cinderyella’s rodent friends, and with a wave of her wand, she uttered the magic words:

ABEEKA…no wait…. ADISHKA…no, that’s not right….. Abra….Arba….that’s it! ARBAD-AC-ARBA!!!

Oooops…..not quite the horse-drawn carriage she was expecting. Cinderyella rode happily off to the ball in her mouse-powered, pumpkin-orange Trojan horse to battle her evil step-sisters for the heart and hand of her Prince Charming!

“Be home before the clock strikes 12!” shouted godmother Susan, “Or everything will change back to the way it was…..I think…..”

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