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The Tale of Cinderyella
A joint project by the writer/illustrators of


Lauren Francis Joy Nelkin Wieder Abigail Marble Abigail Marble Lauren Francis Susan Boase Liz Conrad Agy Wilson Sarah S. Brannen Joy Nelkin Wieder Sarah S. Brannen Susan Boase Larry Eisenstein

They caught their reflections in the glossy veneer. It cheered them up.

“Oooooh!” they all gushed.

"You should get the Prince's attention first, you're so good at that!" Agnes cooed.

"Only with your help, dear sister! We must keep all the other 'unworthies' at bay," purred Abigail.

Watching, Cinderyella gave way to all she felt.

"A ball… I so wish I could go! A few moments of levity, the comfort of family and friends, meeting new people, and perhaps dancing with the Prince..." A sob caught in her throat.

"If I still had family, this small kindness would be accorded me."

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