Flying Over the Ice
   What the Year Will Bring
   Little Yella Riding Hood
   Baker's Dozen
   Smile at the Judges
   Axe Upon Axe
   Olives in Tuscany
   Pajama Pants or
 Sweat Pants?

The Tale of Cinderyella
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Lauren Francis Joy Nelkin Wieder Abigail Marble Abigail Marble Agy Wilson Susan Boase Liz Conrad Agy Wilson Lauren Francis Joy Nelkin Wieder Sarah S. Brannen Susan Boase Larry Eisenstein

Prince Robert shifted from foot to foot. He looked at his reflection in the gilt mirror and quickly looked away. The two frightful maidens in black simpered and giggled as they backed him into a corner. Robert held his smile in place and absently picked a piece of lint off his sleeve.

What are they talking about? he wondered. The shrill din of a hundred women’s voices deafened him. He backed up another step and was trapped in an archway.

Suddenly, blessedly, the room grew quiet. A hundred well-dressed heads turned in the same direction, watching a girl walk down the staircase.

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